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K-Pop for RM2 million

Ihsan dari AmenoWorld

Ryan Giggs in China

Life of Ryan: Giggs jetted into Shanghai for the announcement

With fans

Toyota 86

I really fell in love with this Toyota. 

Toyota 86 Price Range RM243,000-RM249,000

SEPANG: UMW Toyota Motor sebentar tadi melancarkan dua model terbaru Toyota Camry dan Toyota 86 pada majlis di Litar Antarabangsa Sepang. 
Model Camry dijual dalam tiga varian iaitu 2.5V, 2.0G dan 2.0E. Harga bermula dari RM149,000 seunit. 
Bagi model Toyota 86 pula didatangkan dalam dua varian iaitu transmisi manual pada harga RM243,000 manakala automatik pada harga RM249,000.

Pelancaran kereta itu disempurnakan Presiden UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd, Ismet Suki.

Toyota 86, perghhh

Manchester United Forever....

26 May 1999:  Manchester United celebrate with the trophy after their 2-1 victory over Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League Final at the Nou Camp in Barcelona, Spain.  \ Mandatory Credit: Phil Cole /Allsport
Magic night at Camp Nou

The best char kuey teow in Kuala Lumpur

Mana nak cari the best char kuey teow in Kuala Lumpur / Selangor? Usha gambar dulu.

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Khasiat madu

“Dan dari Tuhanmu mengilhamkan kepada lebah; buatlah sarang dibukit-bukit, di pepohonan kayu, dan di tempat (berhampiran) yang dibina manusia..

“Dari perut lebah itu keluar minuman (madu) yang bermacam-macam warnanya, di dalamnya terdapat ubat yang menyembuhkan bagi manusia. Sesungguhnya pada yang demikian itu benar-benar terdapat tanda (kebesaran Tuhan) bagi orang-orang yang berfikir,”                                                           – Surah An-Nahlu, ayat 68 dan 69.

Demikianlah betapa hebatnya ciptaan Allah SWT yang memberikan segala rahmat dan rahimNya kepada semua hamba manusia di muka bumi ini mengenai khasiat madu yang diperoleh dari lebah.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Gary Neville

I couldn't say no to England, so the hard work starts now

I was picking my kids up from school when Adrian Bevington from the Football Association contacted me asking whether I could speak to them on a confidential matter. As I was outside the school playground I thought it had better wait until I got home.
And when I did get home and made the call, I heard the news that Roy Hodgson wanted to speak to me about becoming a part of his coaching team.
I don’t get emotional at moments like that and it wasn’t as though I was jumping around. But it was a surreal experience and there was a definite sense of something significant in my life taking place. It was a moment that you would remember for the rest of your life. Because I’ve had a lot to say about the FA and England over the years and it has not always been complimentary. But to be asked by Roy to work with the national team is a huge honour.
The meeting with Roy, whom I hadn’t met before last week, wasn’t going to happen for a few days and during that time I discussed it only with my dad and my wife. She did point out — lightheartedly, I should stress — that our idea had been for me to see a bit more of my family after my retirement. However, once I had talked it through with my family, I already knew what decision I was going to make, even before I had met Roy.
Unifying force: Neville hopes to help Roy Hodgson build a more supportive atmosphere
Unifying force: Neville hopes to help Roy Hodgson build a more supportive atmosphere
It was the only decision to make. I love football and I love England. I know people may think otherwise, largely because I said in my autobiography that my England career had been a massive waste of time. But that was a phrase born out of professional frustration. It was a waste of time because I never got past a semi-final and, after 1996, didn’t even get past a quarter-final. I have 85 caps for England but I’d rather have Nobby Stiles’s 28 caps. His mean so much more because he is a World Cup winner.
It has always been a huge honour to represent my country, but in the five tournaments in which I played for England there was a sense of wasted opportunities. During that time I’ve had plenty of opinions, most of which I’ve aired publicly.
I’m sure I’ll be reminded of a few of them when I do my first press conference. And looking back, there were times when the FA would probably say things should have been handled better and times when I could have handled myself better.
But now I’ve been presented with a chance to make another contribution. Being part of the management team is an awful lot harder than talking about it. But it is a challenge I’m relishing simply because, as a footballer, there is no greater honour than winning a trophy for your nation. In 2002 I missed the World Cup because of injury and watched the games with my mates in pubs and thought: ‘Is this what it has been like when I’ve been in tournaments?’ That feeling of a whole nation backing one team was incredible.
Imagine what it would be like for the fans and players if we won something. We may seem some way from that target now but to play a part in building a team that could do that is an opportunity that was impossible to turn down. It is probably the years of frustration that made me want to take the job.
When we meet up for training in Manchester on Wednesday, I’ll be there to serve Roy, first and foremost, and learn from Ray Lewington. I will be as loyal to them as I was to my club and people I played with. I have been working for four years to achieve UEFA coaching badges and now I have been given an opportunity, I want to give it all to become the best I can.
My role will also be to work with the players and offer whatever help I can. That’s all I ever wanted as a player — a coaching team who were supportive and loyal. Because ultimately, it is about the players and making sure they have the best  possible opportunity to play to the best of their undoubted ability.
Support: Neville will be there for Roy Hodgson
Support: Neville will be there for Roy Hodgson
Make no mistake, this is a good group of players. Over the next four years, I hope I can play a part in  creating a relaxed atmosphere in the camp and try to release some of the pressure and negativity that has sometimes surrounded England squads.
As I said two weeks ago in this column before I knew I might be involved, while we have to apply ourselves to win this tournament, the England team need to have an eye on 2014 and 2016.
We must build an atmosphere that makes playing an enjoyable experience and work long term to make sure that we become a team who are considered among the favourites to win tournaments.
Going into Euro 2012, England are well down the list of favourites. And I sense that the expectation levels are more sensible among the media and the fans, and perhaps even  pessimistic. With England, winning a qualifying game once unleashed a wave of false optimism. I was part of the madness of Rome in 1997, or Munich and the win against Greece at Old Trafford in 2001. 
Magic moment: Neville celebrates England qualifying for the 2002 World Cup with David Beckham and Martin Keown
Magic moment: Neville celebrates England qualifying for the 2002 World Cup with David Beckham and Martin Keown
Then there were people going about saying: ‘We can win it!’
I played for a Manchester United team for 17 years that won numerous trophies and I never once heard anyone say: ‘We can win it!’
It was as though we existed in a bubble in this country, not realising there are other countries in the world that might have equal or  better claims. It is all very well  saying England should win, but don’t you think Germany, France, Italy and Spain all feel the same? Or  Brazil and Argentina, when it comes to the World Cup?
But can an England team, with the players we have, beat the best teams in the world on their day? Of course we can. I was part of a side that beat Germany 5-1. I watched from home, injured, as England beat Argentina.
Recently we saw an England side beat Spain. We have players who can achieve those results. As the manager has said, we have to set out with the attitude that we can win this tournament. Every England team should feel that.
What we need now is unity, team spirit and that little bit of luck that is vital to any campaign.
Team spirit: England have much to be positive about going into Euro 2012
Team spirit: England have much to be positive about going into Euro 2012

No conflict of interest, I’ll keep giving honest insight

Inevitably, since my appointment to Roy’s team, my role with Sky Sports as a pundit has been questioned. I understand why. Many people feel I won’t be able to be objective any more.
I’d only say to those people that a year ago many were saying that I wouldn’t be able to balance my role as a club ambassador for Manchester United and speak positively about other teams.  I hope that this season I’ve changed some opinions on that.
I will continue to be honest but I’ve never criticised a player maliciously, anyway. I just want to give people insight. That kind of analysis of my game wouldn’t have bothered me as a player, as long as the person involved was prepared to say the same to my face. If a mistake is made, hundreds of millions of people watching around the world can see it. The fact that I have to analyse it afterwards isn’t the biggest issue in the world.

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Sukhoi super jet 100

Mafia Kartu Kredit: Foto Sukhoi Superjet 100 Sebelum Jatuh: Pesawat Sukhoi jenis super jet 100 (SSJ 100) berkecepatan 800km/jam yang mengalami kecelakaan terbang kemarin. Masih tergolong brand new ...

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Dakwaan Masuk Umno Semula, Hanyalah Rekaan - Anwar

Dakwaan Masuk Umno Semula, Hanyalah Rekaan - Anwar
PETALING JAYA: Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim berkata dakwaan beliau ingin menyertai semula Umno hanyalah satu rekaan dan isu yang tidak relevan.
Beliau berkata demikian sebagai mengulas dakwaan Senator Ezam Mohd Noor dalam satu ceramahnya pada Ahad yang mendakwa Anwar pernah berjumpa dengan bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi untuk menyertai semula Umno ketika era pemerintahannya.
"Kalau nak suruh layan dia( Ezam) mahal pulak harga dia…Jadi saya tidak mahu meningkatkan harga dia dalam Umno. Jadi nanti dia dapat kutipan yang lebih kalau saya respon," katanya kepada pemberita selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat Majlis Pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat di ibu pejabat Parti Keadilan Rakyat pada, Isnin.
Bukan itu sahaja, apabila diminta mengulas lanjut mengenai dakwaan yang dibangkitkan itu, Anwar secara sinis telah menyindir seorang wartawan Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) yang bertanyakan soalan tersebut.
"Anda daripada mana, RTM…..Ok….Terima Kasih la….Kalau RTM boleh bagi saya 5 minit untuk bercakap saya akan jawab. Tanya Menteri Penerangan, Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan, Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim boleh tak bagi Anwar lima minit atau tiga minit jelaskan secara langsung..boleh…?.
"Isu ini tidak relevan pun dan tak berbangkit..yang ketagih nak masuk Umno itu dia (Ezam),” katanya.

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City '100 years' behind us, says Ferguson 0 comments

City '100 years' behind us, says Ferguson

SUNDERLAND: In congratulating new Premier League champions Manchester City, Sir Alex Ferguson reminded them that they have a long way to go before they can be considered Manchester United’s equals.

The United manager could not resist comparing his club’s reputation as  serial winners with City, who have lifted the title for the first time in 44  years.
While Ferguson grudgingly acknowledged City had legitimate cause for  celebration, he insisted the blue half of Manchester still had plenty to do  before they could rival United’s history.
“They can go on as much as they like — that’s what you would expect — but  the history of our club stands us aside,” Ferguson said.
“We don’t need to worry about that. I think we have a rich history, better  than anyone and it’ll take them a century to get to our level of history.”    Even at 70, Ferguson is determined to be the man who tries to halt City’s  attempt to repeat their success next season.
“We accept challenges. We are good at that,” said Ferguson, after a 1-0 win  at Sunderland on Sunday did not prove enough to claim top spot.
But he was gracious in his praise of City’s achievement, saying: “On behalf  of Manchester United, I would like to say congratulations to our neighbours.
"It’s a fantastic achievement. This is not an easy league. It’s the hardest  league in the world, and anybody that wins it deserves it.
“At the start of the season, if I remember correctly, I said 82 points  would probably win the league this season and we are seven points ahead of  that. But look, it doesn’t matter, we’ve lost the league.
“It is a cruel way to have the title ripped away, but I’ve had a lot of ups  and downs in my 25 years here.
“There will be times when we can sit back and say we did this wrong, we did  that wrong, but 89 points would have won the league most seasons.”    Wayne Rooney scored United’s goal at Sunderland and, with City trailing to  Queens Park Rangers, they believed they had won at the final whistle.
Thirteen seconds later, City scored their winner and the championship had  crossed the city.
Ferguson said: “All we had to do was concentrate on our job and that’s what  we did, but you are going to get certain types of reaction from the crowd.
“We knew five minutes’ extra time was being played at City. Our game had  three minutes’ stoppage time and you don’t know what can happen in the extra  two minutes, but they got that break and won the game.
“We should take credit because of the fact we had so many injuries and  coped with them very well. We have some young players and they have now  experienced what happened here today.
“Hopefully in seven or eight years they will be at Manchester United and  the experience is good for them — even if it’s a bad one.
“They’re a good bunch of lads. The younger players will remember today  because sometimes a bad experience is even better for you.
“When you’ve got a certain character and a good purpose about you, then you  shouldn’t fear the future and I don’t think these lads will.”    Sunderland manager Martin O’Neill said: “The last couple of minutes of the  game have taken me back a few years to the season at Celtic when we lost out on  goal difference. It’s the most harrowing thought you can have.
“Wayne Rooney was playing the ball in the corner near the end and thinking  they had won the game, so to hear the news coming through was unbelievable.
“Sir Alex might be coming into my room for a moment and I’ve got to say I’m  dreading going in. He will be bitterly disappointed because this would have  been a sensational year for him to win the championship.
“He’s got so many titles that he’s lost count, but he will be so  disappointed about this one.”    Sunderland’s Irish international defender John O’Shea is in danger of  missing the European Championship after suffering a recurrence of a calf injury  before half-time against United.
O’Neill admitted he feared O’Shea could lose his place in Giovanni  Trapattoni’s squad, which meets next Sunday.
O’Neill said: “As he came off, that was my thought. I thought it might be a  concern. He didn’t feel comfortable. He started to feel his injury and didn’t  feel confident about moving on it.
“I haven’t checked with the physio, though, and may be jumping the gun.”    -- AFP

Utusan Malaysia 14/5/2012 - Ezam nak bersumpah lagi

Keburukan Anwar terdedah lagi

KUALA LUMPUR 13 Mei - Senator Mohamad Ezam Mohd. Noor secara terbuka mengakui sanggup bersumpah bahawa Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim pernah merayu kepada bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi agar membawanya masuk ke dalam UMNO semula.
Ahli Dewan Negara tersebut berkata, perkara itu berlaku seminggu sebelum Abdullah meletakkan jawatan sebagai Perdana Menteri.
Katanya, tindakan mengadakan pertemuan dengan bekas Perdana Menteri tersebut adalah usaha terakhirnya untuk menggagalkan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak daripada terus memegang tampuk kerajaan di negara ini.
"Saya ada bukti kukuh untuk kejadian ini. Tujuan Anwar hanya satu iaitu mahu Pak Lah tidak letak jawatan dan membawanya masuk ke dalam UMNO dan kemudian beliau akan menyusun strategi bagi menyingkirkan Datuk Seri Najib.
"Kenapa beliau lakukan ini? Kerana Anwar tahu Perdana Menteri kita cerdik, cekap dan antara pemimpin UMNO yang tahu perilaku buruk dan terkutuknya sewaktu dalam kerajaan," katanya.
Beliau berucap pada ceramah kedua Sumpah Keramat Kelab Tolak Individu Bernama Anwar Ibrahim (TIBAI) 2012 Peringkat Parlimen Gombak di sini malam semalam.
Mohamad Ezam juga mendedahkan, Anwar dalam mencapai cita-citanya untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri, pernah membawa seorang rakan ulama Abdullah dari Surabaya, Indonesia bagi memujuk bekas Perdana Menteri itu meletakkannya di peringkat tertinggi dalam UMNO.
"Saya juga yang membawa Anwar pergi ke pesantren di Surabaya itu untuk memujuk kiai atau ulama berkenaan datang ke Malaysia iaitu di Seri Perdana yang ketika itu kediaman Pak Lah.
"Anwar memujuk kiai itu agar berbohong kepada Pak Lah kononnya telah mendapat satu mimpi mengatakan Anwar paling layak menjadi pengganti Pak Lah, tetapi dengan izin Tuhan, Pak Lah tidak berkesempatan berjumpa kiai terbabit," katanya.
Mohamad Ezam berkata, Ketua Pembangkang itu sanggup melakukan apa sahaja asalkan beliau dapat memerintah Malaysia dan memuaskan nafsu serakahnya dalam banyak perkara.
Menurutnya, Anwar ketika menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri pernah menyifatkan Najib yang sewaktu itu Exco Pemuda UMNO sebagai individu paling berpotensi menerajui negara kerana kepandaian dan kecerdikan yang ada padanya.
"Justeru, tidak hairanlah kenapa Anwar begitu drastik melakukan pembohongan demi pembohongan untuk menjatuhkan Perdana Menteri kerana beliau terlalu takut dengan individu yang bernama Najib," katanya.